Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one

Isolation soul ache

Neglect the body and pay the price. Unstable moods that spin wildly out of control, and accelerated aging. Remember having friends? Remember what it was like when someone else cared? Note the sensation of vanishing, a numbness that seeps in from every corner. It's like someone has taken a scapula to the soul. Drawing away everything that's not needed, much the way a gardener might pluck the flowers from a plant to get it to produce more leaves. Note the feeling of loss that makes it hard to figure out what exactly was lost.
It hurts in a very first world way. Perhaps there is a first world solution. Perhaps it's on a mountain top. The hard pact snow does wonders to ease the swelling of a bruised and battered heart. White freshness. Perhaps the mountain can return that elusive vitality.
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