Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one


Drinking on Sunday morning, because fuck it.
This place is a community. Strange how that word almost has the word mutiny in it. People make up the world, or at least the important parts of it. A lonely person is a pathetic sight. So pathetic that they can be scary, depending the culture of reference. This place is lonely, there seems to be no one left who reads this. The world has been changing. Every thought counts though. Even if no one sees it for a thousand years, and it taken completely out of context. For example roman authors that eventually inspired global super powers. The idea was dormant long before it was set into action.
There is so much these eyes long to see. Held prisoner by that very super power, not in a horrifying like they want to threaten their citizens with, but just by a lack of paper work. It's kinda (slapstick) funny when anyone thinks about, because they are constantly berating others for similar tactics. Incarcerated here make up almost 10% of the populations, and yet they tell their citizens that they are the freest in the world. That if they were on the other side of the world things would be worse. It sounds like fear tactics. Page reload is being annoying, so time to just post.
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