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Personal property is very important to modern society. People need things like food water and shelter, everyone knows that. It is so obvious that is barely worth stating. Beyond that people also less definable things like a sense of purpose and clothes and some socialization.
People want things too and that gets even more complicated extremely quickly. Many want to have a garden, but many people would never want to take care of one. People like to imagine that everyone wants the same thing, however a lot of people love to travel around the world, but a nearly equal hate doing things like that. In general though people like doing things. Sometimes whether by accident or intentionally a person will prevent someone else from doing something that they want to do. Most people will assume that this an intentional thing, even if it is an accident. Sometimes people need help to do the things they want to do. For example if a person wants to read a story, someone else must help by writing the story.
Of course the limited number of hours in a day and short time span of human life and the need people have for sleep imposes much more drastic limits on what people can do. For the most part though, people can love their jobs. The routine of having a job provides many people with a comforting sense of purpose. Most of those jobs will actually help other people do things they want to do. For example someone who loves working on cars, helps people travel, and do many other things. That person may even love working on those cars, other people will offer their services (money) by paying that person. Of course services here also refers to goods, because the process of creating a good is a service. It's a great exchange, because it empowers everyone involved. If the person loves their job. Unfortunately not every exchange is so good. Consider an employee at a fast food restaurant. Most of those people get very few services exchanged for theirs. People go to those places because they need food, and it requires much less effort than preparing a meal for themselves. The owners of the restaurant request fewer services (or money) from the people who go to those places.
Unfortunately this leaves the employees unable to get the services they need to do the things they want. After struggling just to get food, they live in fear. Many studies have shown that when a human sees another afraid, they too will become afraid. When people are afraid they feel the need to conquer. Often this desire is misdirected. Consider the story told many times of the guy berated by his boss, who takes it out on his wife, who takes it out on the kid. Being dominated seems to create a desire to dominate. Surprisingly it would also appear that dominating creates a desire to be dominated, the evidence of this is the number of dominating ceos who have a dominatrix. These desires seem to feed off each other. That cycle seems to be at the foundation of every abusive relationship that does not involve a really bad person or failure to communicate.
The question becomes how to break and avoid the cycle. Because domination can make a person feel like they own another, ownership needs to be addressed. In Fight Club the main character's crazy half tells him, "The things you own end up owning you." Part of the solution to this cycle could easily be making sure that no one is controlled by what they have and instead controls what they have. Take money for example, there are people who always think with their wallet. Even if they have millions or billions they will still feel poor. What is worse is rather allowing some of those promises of service to flow out into the world, they dominate their money trapping in places where it fails to increase the wealth of the world. Some people get their money simply by taking it from the world, even at the expense of other people's lives. Will try to get to the good part later.
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