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the essence

the first steps.... and a bit further from sanity

Green one
3 November 1984
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Striving to remain open to life, changing and being changed. This is proof one cannot observe something without being changed by it, and changing it.
Trying to lift spirits, and improve the quality of life for all. Succeeding and failing in such great measure, lacking polish, but umph. Never surrendering to fears, while chasing dreams.
This is an explanation of a lonely free fall or flight and a reminder that the world has many people. Forgive mistakes and note lies. There a difference between fallacy and deception.

hello lurkers, remember advice never given can never be taken.
from this vintage it seems one can not really love themselves without loving the world, but take that with all the salt in the sea.
these meanderings have shown that love like salt might kill or save any living thing.

stranded by a wire
without any fire
worship the zero
lost is the hero
only a blind god
there is no ipod
without a dollar
and a white collar
the tachakomi
is not a dummy

Reno is love

Advent Children is love

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