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the essence
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Monday, November 24th, 2014
4:30 am
On Humanity
Consider that all multicellular organisms begin as tiny collection of undifferentiated cells, and slowly turn into a system of cells that make up a organism. Even a fetus and a seed will do this. Consider that perhaps humanity could be evolving in that direction. What if the civilization of planet earth is like that?

Money flows through earth like blood through an animal or glucose through a plant. Just as those circulatory systems provide energy and vital materials to every cell, every dollar, yen, ruble, and peso, allow someone to gain access to clean water, food, energy and internet. The comparison becomes wholly shocking when you consider what happens when the circulatory delivers too much to one part. Too much blood in any part of the body will cause disease, and eventually death, but look at what happens to nations when they allow corporations to provide too much for too few. However some tasks require more money. A person with no money can not pay those who work for them, they can't bring an idea into existence when their every waking is dedicated to postponing starvation. The earth provides just enough for all. There those who can coax the planet into providing more, however such work takes a good deal of money. They have to be able to search for the mechanism that drives the production. They have to be allowed to communicate with each other, and learn about connections that may not currently exist. The failures involved in such projects can be crushing despite becoming more efficient. One working on such a project may spend years searching for a method that increases production by a small percentage. Some people say that isn't worth it, perhaps they are not considering that small percentage over the course of a lifetime can in effect more effective leisure for thousands or even millions of people.

Innovation like that makes humans look to the stars with the lust of a lover. People have written countless and tell each other enumerable stories about them. Some think humanity will blow itself up first, but that seems unlikely. People want to live, they form guilds that like the organs in their bodies have a certain purpose. Yet currently those guilds seem over focused on acquiring money. The real question is why, a true guild is about the production of an idea, or doing something better. Time after time people have found that when they can synchronize their thoughts they can achieve impossible things.

Perhaps that is why humanity has wired up the planet with electrical wires. The strangest part of this is how much it looks like a collection of synapses. Humans send lightning through wires that circle the planet. A human on one side of the planet can easily in real delight one on the opposite side of the planet. Of course proving something like this is as impossible as proving the nature of consciousness. As a single neuron, what can anyone do?
Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
9:15 am
On Love
A girl in love with someone she believes loves her is often tempted to think that nothing else matters as long as the person she loves, loves her. It's possible that the same thing can happen for boys, but it hard to tell from this vantage point. Unfortunately such an attitude can have extremely negative consequences. It can blind her to the problems her love faces. It can blind her to the problems she faces. It can cause the girl to cease to be the person the guy fell in love with. This path seems to often lead ultimately to things like poverty, depression and the collapse of the relationship.

Of course you can't buy love, but that does not mean that money can not affect a person. Currency provides a freedom of expression that is hard to otherwise achieve. Travel to be with the object of one's affection can at times require a lot currency(it appears the word was derived word current, a determining factor in ancient trade(referring both to the ability to create goods and to the skill required to perform services(words are distracting(lisp(lol))))). Human courtship often benefits the services of many people that want no part in the developing relationship, yet those people will often be happy to help for a price. It isn't normal for any person's affections to granted sheerly for currency acquired. However, the expenditure of courtship can cause a person to go into poverty which in turn can damage their ability to express themselves.

Humans tend to enjoy pursuits that go far beyond mere survival and reproduction. The whole humanity seems to enjoy chasing the secrets of the universe. Almost all people want things that go far beyond their next meal, or creature comforts, or sex. People who forget their inner passions tend to become depressed. Sometimes those inner passions are related to things like science, art, nature and travel. To let another person completely overshadow those creates a profound sense of loss. Watching the decay of knowledge or a project or skill that one has invested so much time and energy into is horrifying. That doesn't stop many women from forsaking everything they have lived for to be with someone. The passion of romance can be worth sacrificing everything for. While to an extent that is true, if the love were healthy it would enhance the other projects in the person's life.

Falling in love can make it hard to think about anything besides the object of ones affection. Other interests can fall by the wayside, completely forgotten for no reason beyond imagining the lines on another's face. Perhaps this is an effect of hormones, or neglect, or careless expenditures. Such great distraction can be rather crippling, thus hiding the personality of a lover. If or when that happens it can take all of the affection out of a relationship. A cycle of blame often begins at that point, one often ends in one or both parties seeking comfort else where. Sometimes terribly publicly attacking an entire demographic.

Despite these risks, love is worth it. One can avoid thinking that nothing else matters because one's love, loves one. One can utilize the power of love to enhance one's work. The feeling is almost like a nuclear fusion, where two atoms become one. It contains great power that can be extremely destructive or constructive. The absence of love and passion and means of expression can be nearly as painful as starvation. Love is worth living for, dying for, but most all it is worth growing for. Take these words with the salt mines of Poland, they claim this pattern is not touched by such an emotion.
Friday, November 21st, 2014
4:48 pm
Foolish Fire
If only, if only the humming bird sings,
as the will cries to the wisp,
in passion for the lack of constraint
for the ability to dance with the wind

the wisp drifts and turns
brushing the clouds and earth
as though they are the same
her movements betray unrestraint

yet the will longs to dance like her
and let go of all that he cares for
to enter the fearless whirl wind
feeling the contrast of sea and rocks on high

if only if only the humming bird sings,
as the will carelessly guides the wisp,
the will and the wisp could join
and the will-o'-wisp would return
Sunday, November 16th, 2014
3:56 am
Memory of a tall stranger
She was about 13 in a time before cell phones. It was right after her mom and sisters moved across town. Between puberty and the loss of her friends and her mother's anger at her father, she needed as much escape as she could get. Normally this meant diving in to stories and fantasies. She could almost live in the characters of her video games, though her mom seemed to enjoy keeping her from that.
However reading didn't often get her in trouble. It was the only real escape she had. So naturally she went to the library, it was only a few blocks from her new residence, but she didn't know the neighborhood at all. When it was time to go, she didn't know how to get home. She was too concerned about the most recent destruction of her friend circle, one that she had been carefully rebuilding.
Knowing that her home was close she resolved to try to walk in a spiral pattern around the neighborhood. It didn't help much she never knew which way to turn and the dead ends and forks in the road confused her at every turn.
After walking for hours and hours she felt like giving up. That's when it started to rain. She paused under a building that stretched over the street. A tall stranger was standing at the corner.
He gave her instructions on how to get home. This time she actually paid attention. Within 20 minutes she was home.
Saturday, October 11th, 2014
2:34 am
Light year in meters, watt in foot pounds
Humanity knows that light can be slowed down. Doesn't that mean may be we can get more watts per foot pound than we currently do?
Monday, September 22nd, 2014
7:45 pm
Of men and women
Naturally, most men and women want to worship each other. Men want to be close to and take care of women, especially but not limited to the context of a relationship. Most people seem to want to take care of each other and be taken care of by each other. This is extremely obvious if you look at school children. They constantly turn to each other for help, and constantly give it to one another. Of course there constant exception that make the news in a way that seems to be engineered to scare all people into paranoia.
The kid who brings a gun to school, or the one who assaults a classmate is the exception however not the rule. Ever notice how there is never a story about how a group of children word together and create a really insightful project, but there are an amazing number of means about how one child is always doing all the work? Rarely does anyone hear about the kids who offer friendship to an outcast though it happens so often that most have experienced it. Of course adults often hear about the murder of rich and powerful, or abuse of the poor, but rarely is there a news story about the change given to the homeless man, or the umbrella the guy gave stranger on a rainy day, or the lost pet returned home, or the couch and shower that lifted a homeless out of their situation.
Most people are good people, however it's pretty obvious that even good people sometimes do bad things. It's tempting to think that if those people do bad things they are bad people, but doing so is a grave mistake. To understand this illusion, look at money.
Money seems more real to most people than the ground under their feet. However it has almost no physical presence. Banks loan out money that doesn't exist but call so frequently and talk so much about it, that the money becomes real. Employers provide it to their workers and take it from customers. It is given value by the labor it commands. Why does it have the ability to make so many people work so hard, and even cost some people the air from their lungs?
Sometimes when bad things happen, some people choose to blame each other rather than taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. Everyone has heard the story of a poor girl sacrificed to the gods to ensure a good harvest. That god is almost as real as money. They have idles that represent him or her, they believe very strongly that the god wants them to do things, the priest distributes some of efforts of their labor. Perhaps the sacrifice had spoken against the god and that is why she had to die, perhaps people who strike against the dollar face a similar fate.
Today people don't think about money as a god though. So instead of trying to appease some god for their problems many blame each other. It takes effort to thrive, but at the same time, not all effort is useful. Not all effort takes humanity forward. Misguided people often believe the answer to attack those who they believe are causing the problem. Rather than spend days or weeks trying to find a real solution that takes the complex reality of the problem into account, they simplify the issue. They often try to figure out who is to blame thinking that once they know that they will know who to attack. They will take steps to defend themselves that result in their isolation.
For example, look at the growing rift between men and women on the internet. Men want women to be with them, women also want to be with men. Most of them want to pair up, or at least believe that they are the only one for the other. Looking at the past this makes a little bit of sense, in order for a man to make his spawn carries on, he wants to make sure it's his. So men really can't stand the idea of a woman cheating, but if a man cheats, his partner than has to fear being left and having to face the world alone, trying to support the young one. Evolution has also made sure both parties will always want to cheat. In response society has developed marriage, telling both parties it's time to settle down, and given a strong implication that a girl who has been with a number of men is less desirable. Men have started chasing women with so much force while implying that if they respond at all they are weak. Women however need to make sure they are cared for, and many men will just leave them if the men do not think they are good enough. In some cultures women are forbidden to work, because a man's salary is suppose to support the family. At times it almost seems that women are disadvantaged in the work place, to keep them dependent on the man supporting them. Obviously this upsets women it causes them to feel forced into a life of service to men. If the men doing it realized it, they would stop. It is such an ugly accident that even mentioning can bring scorn. Despite that, many women have decided that they need to just avoid men entirely, in the past that means everything from finding solace and support from religious, to simply demanding and creating places men are not allowed. Of course men have many of these groups too, but fewer are being created and many are opening up their doors to women. However, now we have groups of women actively rejecting all men, because they have given on trying their position.
Equality means working together. With each other, it doesn't make sense how women in tech in this city seem to think that a separate learning group for adults should not include both men and women. Why are there so many groups of women who are against working with men?
Not to say that women shouldn't be able to escape men, but what is the point of saying that they can't code with women? In fact separating work like this creates the impression of the other for both men and women.
The other is the most dangerous concept that has ever existed, without it there can be no wars. Most people don't enslave or oppress those they can relate to for doing so opens up the possibility that they might deserve and experience it too. Once a group with either religious, cultural, or biological differences is labeled other, it is fair game to attack that group before you are attacked. History is full of examples of this, look at any well recorded war and the examples are prominent. Either the attacked or the aggressor will show very obvious signs of this, but there isn't space or time to list them all.
Making one group into the other alienates both. It is time for it to end, men and women should be able to interact freely, without fear. Sex is a beautiful thing when love is there, when there is no fear. That doesn't mean that men and women should be having non stop orgies, just that both need to understand it more fully. Men and women don't owe it to each other, but occasionally we gift it to each other. Men need to stop trying to scare women, and women need to stop being scared of men. Men and women need each other, men need to let women take credit for the amazing stuff they do, and women need to be able trust men to do that. Historically, men have claimed many great works that seem to have actually been done by women. That needs to never happen again, reparations could setting the record straight so that young women have other women to look up to, so that school children can see how men and women can work together without something stupid like sex getting in the way.
Monday, July 14th, 2014
7:49 pm
Secret Broken Heart, the unread
Everything was snapping into place
Thought I had finally found my grace
Out of nowhere came that fine face

And it was time for me to go
so that I could master the snow
but I fell again in his shadow

I was gaining traction
he was a distraction
now it is all lost passion
Sunday, July 13th, 2014
11:39 pm
How to loan money to friends without losing your friends.
It is important to understand that the moment a person loans another person money the borrower has the real power. While the loaner might be able to muster enough force to make the borrower pay, it is the force that has the power in that instance. After repayment both parties can enjoy a greater degree of trust in each other. However a lack of repayment or disagreements about it can result in a great number of extreme hurtful problems.
The loaner has the power before the loan has been given. They should see it as potential line of credit, on that can be built up and hurt. The loaner should realize that they might never see the money they are loaning to the other person again, but they can take steps to minimize that risk.
1. Before loaning any money ask the person trying to borrow how and when they expect to be able to repay the money. The loaner should not loan out more than they can afford to lose. The loaner should also consider the debtors history with similar loaners. If the debtor already owns the lender, the lender should probably collect that debt before giving the debtor another.
2. Be very clear about the debt itself, how much it is, and when it is expected back up front. Sometimes it is helpful to have this part in writing especially if it is a large amount. The lender should be clear about what happens if the debtor fails to pay.
3. The lender should remind the debtor of the debt about two to three weeks before it is time to collect it. That gives the debtor a chance to make sure it's ready.
4. If the debtor cannot pay back the debt as intended, consider helping the debtor get a job or offering to let them work it off in another way or accept some other form of payment. Helping the debtor get a job is of course the best way, that gives the lender a potential place to borrow from should the need arise. If the debt is going to be worked off the terms need to be clear.

This works in small circles of friends but the large banks do things a bit differently. Asking to borrow money from someone is something they should take as a complement from someone with good credit or no credit, but not someone who already owes money.
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
7:47 pm
Supernatural is not sexist but society is
Some people have been complaining that supernatural is sexist because all the female characters in the show die. While there may be truth to the reality that most of them do die, so does almost everyone else. The main characters have died many times over the course of the show. There are a wide variety of female characters in the show, and they talk about alot more than just boys. Many are show with good jobs, and full lives. They might not be quite as developed as the two main characters in the show, but they have had nine seasons to flush out those characters. What is most fair about the show though is not all the women in the show are attractive. The show is one of the few television dramas that targets nerds and has unattractive females with developed personalities. While there are a number of damsels in ditress almost as often Sam and Dean have to rescue a dumb guy doing something stupid. Normally the girls aren't throwing themselves into danger the way the secondary male characters are, however there are some really badass ladies in the show. Almost none of the girls in the show appear to have come straight from a teenage male fantasy unless of course the are in a fantasy.
South park and buffy is more sexist. Even Dr. Who is more sexist. There are disproportionate number of women only concerned with the dr. in that show. TV in general is very sexist.
Though it's easy to see how some guys who don't want to see women as full characters would grasp at straws to claim that a show that many women like is sexist. However, they are wrong. They must think that showing strong capable women struggle the way men struggle is wrong. Perhaps they think it is sexist because
Supernatural had a vital seer, who was nothing like the traditional version of beauty. Perhaps they are threaten by less attractive actually making their way on to a highly successful tv show.
This blog (spoiler alert) http://www.kissmywonderwoman.com/2013/10/supernatural-is-sexist-and-misogynistic.html article rails against a perceived tendency of the women in supernatural to die, completely ignoring that EVERYONE IN THE SHOW DIES. Also if people want to attack shows for being sexist they should probably start with the others this person listed as being great. Game of thrones is horribly sexist almost everyone women in the show is obsessed with a man. There is only on really strong women in the books all of them are terribly unrealistic. Most are just used as pawns for their literal vagina. How is that less sexist than killing all the women in the same way all the men are killed. Elementary and next top model are even worse.
This blog is not the only one of it's kind there have been a terribly large number of them. Must be a misogynistic demon.
Saturday, June 21st, 2014
6:19 pm
Personal property is very important to modern society. People need things like food water and shelter, everyone knows that. It is so obvious that is barely worth stating. Beyond that people also less definable things like a sense of purpose and clothes and some socialization.
People want things too and that gets even more complicated extremely quickly. Many want to have a garden, but many people would never want to take care of one. People like to imagine that everyone wants the same thing, however a lot of people love to travel around the world, but a nearly equal hate doing things like that. In general though people like doing things. Sometimes whether by accident or intentionally a person will prevent someone else from doing something that they want to do. Most people will assume that this an intentional thing, even if it is an accident. Sometimes people need help to do the things they want to do. For example if a person wants to read a story, someone else must help by writing the story.
Of course the limited number of hours in a day and short time span of human life and the need people have for sleep imposes much more drastic limits on what people can do. For the most part though, people can love their jobs. The routine of having a job provides many people with a comforting sense of purpose. Most of those jobs will actually help other people do things they want to do. For example someone who loves working on cars, helps people travel, and do many other things. That person may even love working on those cars, other people will offer their services (money) by paying that person. Of course services here also refers to goods, because the process of creating a good is a service. It's a great exchange, because it empowers everyone involved. If the person loves their job. Unfortunately not every exchange is so good. Consider an employee at a fast food restaurant. Most of those people get very few services exchanged for theirs. People go to those places because they need food, and it requires much less effort than preparing a meal for themselves. The owners of the restaurant request fewer services (or money) from the people who go to those places.
Unfortunately this leaves the employees unable to get the services they need to do the things they want. After struggling just to get food, they live in fear. Many studies have shown that when a human sees another afraid, they too will become afraid. When people are afraid they feel the need to conquer. Often this desire is misdirected. Consider the story told many times of the guy berated by his boss, who takes it out on his wife, who takes it out on the kid. Being dominated seems to create a desire to dominate. Surprisingly it would also appear that dominating creates a desire to be dominated, the evidence of this is the number of dominating ceos who have a dominatrix. These desires seem to feed off each other. That cycle seems to be at the foundation of every abusive relationship that does not involve a really bad person or failure to communicate.
The question becomes how to break and avoid the cycle. Because domination can make a person feel like they own another, ownership needs to be addressed. In Fight Club the main character's crazy half tells him, "The things you own end up owning you." Part of the solution to this cycle could easily be making sure that no one is controlled by what they have and instead controls what they have. Take money for example, there are people who always think with their wallet. Even if they have millions or billions they will still feel poor. What is worse is rather allowing some of those promises of service to flow out into the world, they dominate their money trapping in places where it fails to increase the wealth of the world. Some people get their money simply by taking it from the world, even at the expense of other people's lives. Will try to get to the good part later.
Thursday, June 5th, 2014
5:45 am
First there is the self. It begins and ends at the skin, both following and leaving a trail through the space time continuum. That is far from all there is, but it starts and ends there. Everything else is just everything. Of all the powers that exist today, that is the most powerful, and the most profound. That doesn't mean that other people do not matter, because others bring the self emotions of all types. However ignoring the self in favor of others is really impossible for people. A person cannot know what another is thinking, but sharing a meal or experience or anything really can allow both to understand both each other and everything else. Part of the path a person takes is determined by those around them, so it stands to reason that a willingness to help those around is not a bad idea. Most people integrate many ideas into themselves. For example there is the idea that labor can be quantified, and exchanged in the form of currency. However people who rule themselves by currency often seem to be less happy than those ruled by others, though neither group seem really happy.
Perhaps this is a subject for another time.
Sunday, May 18th, 2014
12:57 pm
Drinking on Sunday morning, because fuck it.
This place is a community. Strange how that word almost has the word mutiny in it. People make up the world, or at least the important parts of it. A lonely person is a pathetic sight. So pathetic that they can be scary, depending the culture of reference. This place is lonely, there seems to be no one left who reads this. The world has been changing. Every thought counts though. Even if no one sees it for a thousand years, and it taken completely out of context. For example roman authors that eventually inspired global super powers. The idea was dormant long before it was set into action.
There is so much these eyes long to see. Held prisoner by that very super power, not in a horrifying like they want to threaten their citizens with, but just by a lack of paper work. It's kinda (slapstick) funny when anyone thinks about, because they are constantly berating others for similar tactics. Incarcerated here make up almost 10% of the populations, and yet they tell their citizens that they are the freest in the world. That if they were on the other side of the world things would be worse. It sounds like fear tactics. Page reload is being annoying, so time to just post.
Wednesday, February 19th, 2014
11:26 pm
It might sound like something out of a conspiracy theory, because it almost exactly that. Theories can be accurate though. And there have been declassified documented reports of them. One of the most effective ways to loose mass support is to hurt people. The masses really don't like it when they are fearing for their property and health. No one does.
Most people depend on and appreciate their government defending their lives and property. When a government fails to do these crucial things people get extremely upset and take to the streets. Of course defense isn't the only thing people depend on their government for, the loss of low level community seems to be causing a general lack of empathy. People aren't depending on their families as much as they depend on the government in this day and age. The ability to travel and the speed of information have caused networks to grow faster than our ability to relate to other people. While there are many jobs that still need to be done, and people can do them faster than ever, to do them as quickly as they need to be done requires the use of expensive machines. Constructing these machines takes a large investment of resources and while some are investing in those machines, they aren't investing as much in the operation of those machines. The dynamics of wealth are changing.
Peaceful protests are one of the most effective types. As humans evolve to abhor violence, despite the deterioration of the family unit, peaceful protest are becoming more powerful (for proof of this compare death counts/population of the past 2000 years, humans have been pretty good at tracking that since the ancient Romans started taking censuses). Unfortunately despite the improvements to a society that come from protests, and these improvements will enhance everyone's from the super rich to poorest people, many of those in power fear the changes. When people are not starving, and can actually get jobs, and don't feel like they are being unjustly held down, or held back, they are more productive producing goods, and providing that everyone will be able to enjoy more of. However the actual infrastructure to allow and encourage these things is extremely complicated. It'd be easy to go off on a tangent about the actual mechanisms that have been tried and the failures at this point, however that is not the point of this particular catharsis.
Judging from the success of the civil rights and lack of success in most other protests, it seems like that's a good place to start. It would seem that the most important thing for a protest is the an undeniable injustice, that can become a rallying point. The protestor must find a way to behave in a way that seems reasonable, but that the oppressors take serious issue with. The most crucial part is that their behavior cannot seem unreasonable. Mass marches and people rallying is a side effect of a successful protest not the goal. Gathering people together like just prepares them to see, and makes them feel like they are making a difference. For example when the story of Rosa Parks hit the news, alot of people started thinking about the injustices in the south. The incident was reported and told to people in a way that painted a clear picture. Perhaps the stop and frisk policies in NY could do a similar protest.
Consider however Malcolm X and the black panthers reputation for violence. Some say that is complete proof that violence doesn't work. Martin Luther King Jr actually has his own holiday now. It's hard to say how violent the panthers really were, but didn't have anywhere near the success of MLK.
Speeches seem to help a great deal as well. They give people a very clear idea of what the protest is about. They tell the people inpower what the people want. After gathering people together around a idea, or desire, it extremely important to crystallize the definition of that idea, or desire. Without a speech, without a spokes person it is difficult for most people to stay behind an idea.
Protest are suppose to change the world, however imagining the world in a way that it isn't, can be quite challenging for people. Humans are not telepathic. A person must write or speak to express an idea. Once people are rallying they need to know why they are rallying, they need someone to look up to. Someone to respect. Someone to trust. After the change has been achieved that person needs to step down, if they haven't been killed. Unfortunately often the leader will be killed, becoming a martyr. While it's not something anyone should try to do, allowing it to happen can give strength to the cause. One could argue that perhaps if Martin Luther King Jr. had lived longer perhaps the stop and frisk wouldn't be the problem that it is today.
A victim of suicide is not a martyr.
Once the rally has formed and the officials holding power take note, sometimes they will take steps to make the protestors look bad. They might even send someone to join the protestors and start rioting or attacking people. Reports of this happening in countries with low gdp are quite common. The question becomes how to avoid this issue. It's not possible or desirable to put everyone through a background check. None of this a problem till the movement is big enough to need a leader. In order for the leader to be effective they need support, the first supporters are the first organizers. The organizers should be checked out. Their backgrounds should be as public as possible. The should also set up a security system. The primary purpose of the security system is too make sure the protest doesn't turn into a riot. The secondary purpose is to gain the support of the local police force. Preventing a feeling of us vs. them is extremely important. If real change is to occur ideas must change, but threatening people will simply cause the ideas to loose support.
These steps take a great deal of time though. Change doesn't happen over night and the systems that may need changing are extremely complicated, there are many broad reaching effects of even the smallest adjustment. However the steps are fairly simple.
1. get in trouble for something that should not be a problem
2. verify that it isn't isolated incident by informing people
3. select a leader and organize
4. setup gatherings write speeches that outline the change and effects of the changes that are needed
5. maintain the organization but allow the leader to step down
Above all make sure the supporters do not destroy or damage the community they are trying to move forward.

Of course these meandering are just meanderings, any discerning reader will note the lack of references. While it is unlikely that it will be read, at least it's here. As another theory spelled out, to be compared to others.
Friday, November 22nd, 2013
4:34 am
part of myself in C
class green :
public meal breakfast, lunch, dinner;
void green:Depressed(Object sadThing)
lunch, dinner, breakfast=beer;
Sunday, October 6th, 2013
5:02 pm
Most people seem to take in some form media. Media is referring to TV, video games, programs, youtube, songs, concerts, politics. They'll often take in a small measure of that which was created to entertain the masses, think about it for a few a seconds before creating some kinda review. They turn around and publish said review. Said review will often determine if a thing like legislation, movie, show, game, program becomes successful.
Good reviewers perform an imperfect but very valuable service to the entire society. They judge a work of art and tell people how well it worked. Sometimes they miss important things, sometimes they aren't from the right audience to see all the nuances of a work, but normally the creator knows who they are creating for. Normally this very effective though if these crucial people are bribed, terrible things happen. Rarely are the results fatal, though it does happen, normally they can at most force people to watch bad crap, waste money or miss valuable technologies. A good critic is not bribable and has no starting bias. Those are pretty rare though.
Youtube is flooded with wannabe creators, who are really just normally poor critics. They aren't normally guilty of being bribed, but they don't see all aspects of the things they review. They miss crucial details and focus on only the aspects they find interesting. Their saving grace is that there are so many of them. And some of them are actually pretty good, but the better the critic the more likely someone will start trying to bribe them.
To really express something takes a great deal of time and thought. Much more than just summarizing something read online or in the news. Anyone who manages to pull off a real expression in this sense will have to combine elements of many different works of art until it becomes impossible to tell where any of them came from. Memes are the fastest way this seems to happen. Acts of creation can take any amount time. Sometimes it strikes like lightening pulling the artist fingers towards a brush or across a keyboard or around clay. Sometimes it brings skill with that fights it's way into the mind till the muse can be released into the harddrive paper or clay. Some can call the muse at will, but many are swarmed by so many that the concepts with violence of a fire hose with such force that choosing one seems near impossible. The muse is made up fragments of half remembered stories and thoughts that have been playing before a person's eyes since they wandered into this infinitely connected world. Fragments that pull on each other in the human in the same way chemical in the primordial ooze pulled each other in organisms. Could also just be an excuse for watching too many youtube videos though. Time to get back to the edge.

Current Mood: discontent
Thursday, May 9th, 2013
3:11 pm
anyone get it?
World is in trouble, but what's new about that? There's always too much to do, and too many factors making it difficult to get it all done. Yeah maybe we can fight global warming with airplanes, and clean energy, waste reduction, but that doesn't mean that the human race needs to end. Humans have messed up the planet, but that doesn't mean the species should commit seppuku. Humanity is not a virus, and who ever says it is, is spouting self destructive nonsense. Saying humanity should be eradicated is like saying a child should die for spilling milk.
It's almost as silly as faith in the religious context. Most of the people who are successful appear to have alot of faith, but it rarely seems to be faith in a god, rather instead it is faith in their projects and the people working with them. The Wright brothers had alot of faith in their ability to fly, but so did everyone else who was trying for that prize. Seems success comes from the combination of the belief that the project can succeed combined with the knowledge to make it happen.
Sharing knowledge, focusing on the task at hand, knowing that every observation has value and what that value is, seem to make most things possible. Have faith that it is worth it. Maybe humanity is still acting like a spoiled child, but maybe humanity will make mars as habitable as earth. Maybe humanity will begin to use clean energy, maybe the next rebellion will be against the destruction of natural resources, maybe the species will decide to use their bodies to make the energy they want, maybe they will build stronger roofs, for gardens and solar panels.
How many members of the animal kingdom, actively try to help other members of the kingdom outside of their species? Maybe they are just a bunch of monkeys, looking for something more. Their nature is a kind one. Many long to meet new forms of life.

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Sunday, April 7th, 2013
7:01 pm
Fuck it all.
Sometimes life gets messy. Makes it hard to live with open heart and open arms. Keeping an open mind is not so challenging though. Entropy is part of life, a state of very high energy. Sometimes the modern world with all it's wonder and ways of allowing communication seems to drive people further from each other than anything.
There could be any number of reasons for this.
It's enough to make a person want to pack and just walk away from all the technology. It's hard not to wonder what it'd be like to walk from city to city across the countryside. Pack maybe a tent, grab something like 500 in cash or so, take a credit card for emergency. Just to leave it all behind for a few days, or months, or years. In away it sounds so romantic, and beautiful. The safety of such a venture would call sanity in to question. The person walking alone along the streets would really be completely alone for those stretches but how many people would even consider it?
Perhaps it's a terrible idea, perhaps it's great idea. The only thing that anyone could be sure was that if she had a camera the views would be amazing.
Take some paint and paper just start going at it on the side of the road staring out over the ocean, somewhere halfway between a working restroom and the campsite.
It sounds so beautiful, so romantic in a very solitary way. Might have to try it though. How long it would take to cross a thousand miles like that?
It sounds absolutely blissful.

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2:49 pm
Changing season
The snow is melting, it still has so much to teach, but staying isn't an option. Perhaps the wind that blows between here and there, causes a human heart to freeze colder and harder than a glacier. It matters not though. The lessons will be there in the fall and a bit of hard work might make that path open than. Loneliness is but an illusion here, friends are everywhere. So many wonderful people, all ready to give all their support at moment's notice. They can't make this easier, but their support makes it bearable.
There are friends here, some of them need help, some of them wish to offer companionship. The snow melt is only exposing a breeding ground of blood sucking insects.
It's hard to be in a place without feeling welcome. Normally that means it's time to leave, or it was time to leave a long time ago.
Tuesday, January 29th, 2013
7:10 am
Isolation soul ache
Neglect the body and pay the price. Unstable moods that spin wildly out of control, and accelerated aging. Remember having friends? Remember what it was like when someone else cared? Note the sensation of vanishing, a numbness that seeps in from every corner. It's like someone has taken a scapula to the soul. Drawing away everything that's not needed, much the way a gardener might pluck the flowers from a plant to get it to produce more leaves. Note the feeling of loss that makes it hard to figure out what exactly was lost.
It hurts in a very first world way. Perhaps there is a first world solution. Perhaps it's on a mountain top. The hard pact snow does wonders to ease the swelling of a bruised and battered heart. White freshness. Perhaps the mountain can return that elusive vitality.
Saturday, November 17th, 2012
3:51 am
The pieces of an engine's soul blown apart and burned lie scattered here. More than there ever were before, in this strange workshop of the soul of a starship.
More like a pile of discarded scraps than a puzzel as there is no predefined way to put them all together. Some parts fly in from where the backlash filter use to be. Some bits have been torn apart. Some bits have been scattered. Some repairable, some lost forever. The pile seems to be growing though. This place seems to hold every tool, so hope is not to be forgotten.
A goddess flies through the gaping hole where the filter use to be.
Athena stands before the collection of artifacts. She stares at the pieces for a moment. A large crystal seems most prominent, energies trapped within swirl in the center, they hold every color from red to blue. Her brow farrows because she knows that while it's currently full of only sadness anger and hurt, the components that fill this workshop can turn these to joy growth and love. Squinting at the perfect angles and perfectly smooth surfaces she notes that while the energies with the crystal are misaligned they can be realigned.
The components needed to realign it are scatter amongst the ash of the latest burst. Some of them are untouched, others shattered, others lost, one or two seem tempered. Looking at the the pieces there is just enough to realign the crystal. Some of the joy calibrators are undamaged, but the most powerful require some fuel. There isn't much left, no where near enough to fully realign the crystal. However, not all of the joy components needed fuel, only the most reliable ones. Moving at lightspeed the ship would collect the material necessary to power the those calibrators.
Before calibration, even approaching lightspeed would cause the ship to fly out of control, and make it next to impossible to slow down while deforming the crystal, or shattering it. She connected the crystal to the calibrators that could run on the crystals own power. Though wild, the energy of the crystal at the moment would cause them no real harm.
Having done all she could with the crystal core for the moment, she turned her attention to the rest of the systems. Most of the life support systems were still fully intact. It appeared as though pieces started falling off the attitude thrusters long belong the explosion that drew her here. She tested out the manual drive on the attitude thrusters and found that they were working perfectly.
She started testing the circuitry that controlled the attitude thrusters and it was a complete mess. Fortunately, she had a special solider iron and could strip the board and rewire it. First she popped off the microcontroller, and placed it in a trouble shooter. The trouble shooter showed a useless mess. Some of it seemed to be attempting to control the crystal's calibrators. After checking the circuitry of the thruster control board she knew what had caused the explosion and was somewhat glad it drew her here before the crystal was damaged. Having found the problem, she wiped the chip, and reprogrammed it to work with exceptional efficiency and flexibility. Than she rewired the board for optimal efficiency and flexibility as well and installed it.
The main thruster were much simpler, they only ever pointed in one direction. It was powered directly by the crystal. Only its intensity could be controlled. Athena ran a quick diagnostic on it, and that controller was working perfectly. However the backlash filter was still missing. It didn't take long for her to find it though, it too had been shaken off before the explosion. Judging from the marks on the side, it looked like it had been installed backwards. A quick flick of her wrist and it was back in place only this time installed properly.
She turned her attention back to the crystal, as everything else had been taken care of. The blue and red were beginning to separate, but Athena knew it would still be days before the last bit of fuel in the other calibrator would do the trick. The two it was currently connected to, would keep it stable once it found stable even while it fueled the main thrusters, but they couldn't stabilize it alone. They could only draw enough power out of it to power the life support systems, and begin to charge the attitude thruster battery.
She carefully placed a magnetic coin on the wall, it had the face of a woman wearing a helmet that accentuated by a pair of wings. Having done all she could for the moment she stepped through the airlock, back into the stars.

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