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The pieces of an engine's soul blown apart and burned lie scattered here. More than there ever were before, in this strange workshop of the soul of a starship.
More like a pile of discarded scraps than a puzzel as there is no predefined way to put them all together. Some parts fly in from where the backlash filter use to be. Some bits have been torn apart. Some bits have been scattered. Some repairable, some lost forever. The pile seems to be growing though. This place seems to hold every tool, so hope is not to be forgotten.
A goddess flies through the gaping hole where the filter use to be.
Athena stands before the collection of artifacts. She stares at the pieces for a moment. A large crystal seems most prominent, energies trapped within swirl in the center, they hold every color from red to blue. Her brow farrows because she knows that while it's currently full of only sadness anger and hurt, the components that fill this workshop can turn these to joy growth and love. Squinting at the perfect angles and perfectly smooth surfaces she notes that while the energies with the crystal are misaligned they can be realigned.
The components needed to realign it are scatter amongst the ash of the latest burst. Some of them are untouched, others shattered, others lost, one or two seem tempered. Looking at the the pieces there is just enough to realign the crystal. Some of the joy calibrators are undamaged, but the most powerful require some fuel. There isn't much left, no where near enough to fully realign the crystal. However, not all of the joy components needed fuel, only the most reliable ones. Moving at lightspeed the ship would collect the material necessary to power the those calibrators.
Before calibration, even approaching lightspeed would cause the ship to fly out of control, and make it next to impossible to slow down while deforming the crystal, or shattering it. She connected the crystal to the calibrators that could run on the crystals own power. Though wild, the energy of the crystal at the moment would cause them no real harm.
Having done all she could with the crystal core for the moment, she turned her attention to the rest of the systems. Most of the life support systems were still fully intact. It appeared as though pieces started falling off the attitude thrusters long belong the explosion that drew her here. She tested out the manual drive on the attitude thrusters and found that they were working perfectly.
She started testing the circuitry that controlled the attitude thrusters and it was a complete mess. Fortunately, she had a special solider iron and could strip the board and rewire it. First she popped off the microcontroller, and placed it in a trouble shooter. The trouble shooter showed a useless mess. Some of it seemed to be attempting to control the crystal's calibrators. After checking the circuitry of the thruster control board she knew what had caused the explosion and was somewhat glad it drew her here before the crystal was damaged. Having found the problem, she wiped the chip, and reprogrammed it to work with exceptional efficiency and flexibility. Than she rewired the board for optimal efficiency and flexibility as well and installed it.
The main thruster were much simpler, they only ever pointed in one direction. It was powered directly by the crystal. Only its intensity could be controlled. Athena ran a quick diagnostic on it, and that controller was working perfectly. However the backlash filter was still missing. It didn't take long for her to find it though, it too had been shaken off before the explosion. Judging from the marks on the side, it looked like it had been installed backwards. A quick flick of her wrist and it was back in place only this time installed properly.
She turned her attention back to the crystal, as everything else had been taken care of. The blue and red were beginning to separate, but Athena knew it would still be days before the last bit of fuel in the other calibrator would do the trick. The two it was currently connected to, would keep it stable once it found stable even while it fueled the main thrusters, but they couldn't stabilize it alone. They could only draw enough power out of it to power the life support systems, and begin to charge the attitude thruster battery.
She carefully placed a magnetic coin on the wall, it had the face of a woman wearing a helmet that accentuated by a pair of wings. Having done all she could for the moment she stepped through the airlock, back into the stars.
Tags: athena, greek mythology, scifi
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