Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one

Changing season

The snow is melting, it still has so much to teach, but staying isn't an option. Perhaps the wind that blows between here and there, causes a human heart to freeze colder and harder than a glacier. It matters not though. The lessons will be there in the fall and a bit of hard work might make that path open than. Loneliness is but an illusion here, friends are everywhere. So many wonderful people, all ready to give all their support at moment's notice. They can't make this easier, but their support makes it bearable.
There are friends here, some of them need help, some of them wish to offer companionship. The snow melt is only exposing a breeding ground of blood sucking insects.
It's hard to be in a place without feeling welcome. Normally that means it's time to leave, or it was time to leave a long time ago.
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