Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one


First there is the self. It begins and ends at the skin, both following and leaving a trail through the space time continuum. That is far from all there is, but it starts and ends there. Everything else is just everything. Of all the powers that exist today, that is the most powerful, and the most profound. That doesn't mean that other people do not matter, because others bring the self emotions of all types. However ignoring the self in favor of others is really impossible for people. A person cannot know what another is thinking, but sharing a meal or experience or anything really can allow both to understand both each other and everything else. Part of the path a person takes is determined by those around them, so it stands to reason that a willingness to help those around is not a bad idea. Most people integrate many ideas into themselves. For example there is the idea that labor can be quantified, and exchanged in the form of currency. However people who rule themselves by currency often seem to be less happy than those ruled by others, though neither group seem really happy.
Perhaps this is a subject for another time.
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