Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one

Supernatural is not sexist but society is

Some people have been complaining that supernatural is sexist because all the female characters in the show die. While there may be truth to the reality that most of them do die, so does almost everyone else. The main characters have died many times over the course of the show. There are a wide variety of female characters in the show, and they talk about alot more than just boys. Many are show with good jobs, and full lives. They might not be quite as developed as the two main characters in the show, but they have had nine seasons to flush out those characters. What is most fair about the show though is not all the women in the show are attractive. The show is one of the few television dramas that targets nerds and has unattractive females with developed personalities. While there are a number of damsels in ditress almost as often Sam and Dean have to rescue a dumb guy doing something stupid. Normally the girls aren't throwing themselves into danger the way the secondary male characters are, however there are some really badass ladies in the show. Almost none of the girls in the show appear to have come straight from a teenage male fantasy unless of course the are in a fantasy.
South park and buffy is more sexist. Even Dr. Who is more sexist. There are disproportionate number of women only concerned with the dr. in that show. TV in general is very sexist.
Though it's easy to see how some guys who don't want to see women as full characters would grasp at straws to claim that a show that many women like is sexist. However, they are wrong. They must think that showing strong capable women struggle the way men struggle is wrong. Perhaps they think it is sexist because
Supernatural had a vital seer, who was nothing like the traditional version of beauty. Perhaps they are threaten by less attractive actually making their way on to a highly successful tv show.
This blog (spoiler alert) article rails against a perceived tendency of the women in supernatural to die, completely ignoring that EVERYONE IN THE SHOW DIES. Also if people want to attack shows for being sexist they should probably start with the others this person listed as being great. Game of thrones is horribly sexist almost everyone women in the show is obsessed with a man. There is only on really strong women in the books all of them are terribly unrealistic. Most are just used as pawns for their literal vagina. How is that less sexist than killing all the women in the same way all the men are killed. Elementary and next top model are even worse.
This blog is not the only one of it's kind there have been a terribly large number of them. Must be a misogynistic demon.
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