Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one

Memory of a tall stranger

She was about 13 in a time before cell phones. It was right after her mom and sisters moved across town. Between puberty and the loss of her friends and her mother's anger at her father, she needed as much escape as she could get. Normally this meant diving in to stories and fantasies. She could almost live in the characters of her video games, though her mom seemed to enjoy keeping her from that.
However reading didn't often get her in trouble. It was the only real escape she had. So naturally she went to the library, it was only a few blocks from her new residence, but she didn't know the neighborhood at all. When it was time to go, she didn't know how to get home. She was too concerned about the most recent destruction of her friend circle, one that she had been carefully rebuilding.
Knowing that her home was close she resolved to try to walk in a spiral pattern around the neighborhood. It didn't help much she never knew which way to turn and the dead ends and forks in the road confused her at every turn.
After walking for hours and hours she felt like giving up. That's when it started to rain. She paused under a building that stretched over the street. A tall stranger was standing at the corner.
He gave her instructions on how to get home. This time she actually paid attention. Within 20 minutes she was home.
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