Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one

On Love

A girl in love with someone she believes loves her is often tempted to think that nothing else matters as long as the person she loves, loves her. It's possible that the same thing can happen for boys, but it hard to tell from this vantage point. Unfortunately such an attitude can have extremely negative consequences. It can blind her to the problems her love faces. It can blind her to the problems she faces. It can cause the girl to cease to be the person the guy fell in love with. This path seems to often lead ultimately to things like poverty, depression and the collapse of the relationship.

Of course you can't buy love, but that does not mean that money can not affect a person. Currency provides a freedom of expression that is hard to otherwise achieve. Travel to be with the object of one's affection can at times require a lot currency(it appears the word was derived word current, a determining factor in ancient trade(referring both to the ability to create goods and to the skill required to perform services(words are distracting(lisp(lol))))). Human courtship often benefits the services of many people that want no part in the developing relationship, yet those people will often be happy to help for a price. It isn't normal for any person's affections to granted sheerly for currency acquired. However, the expenditure of courtship can cause a person to go into poverty which in turn can damage their ability to express themselves.

Humans tend to enjoy pursuits that go far beyond mere survival and reproduction. The whole humanity seems to enjoy chasing the secrets of the universe. Almost all people want things that go far beyond their next meal, or creature comforts, or sex. People who forget their inner passions tend to become depressed. Sometimes those inner passions are related to things like science, art, nature and travel. To let another person completely overshadow those creates a profound sense of loss. Watching the decay of knowledge or a project or skill that one has invested so much time and energy into is horrifying. That doesn't stop many women from forsaking everything they have lived for to be with someone. The passion of romance can be worth sacrificing everything for. While to an extent that is true, if the love were healthy it would enhance the other projects in the person's life.

Falling in love can make it hard to think about anything besides the object of ones affection. Other interests can fall by the wayside, completely forgotten for no reason beyond imagining the lines on another's face. Perhaps this is an effect of hormones, or neglect, or careless expenditures. Such great distraction can be rather crippling, thus hiding the personality of a lover. If or when that happens it can take all of the affection out of a relationship. A cycle of blame often begins at that point, one often ends in one or both parties seeking comfort else where. Sometimes terribly publicly attacking an entire demographic.

Despite these risks, love is worth it. One can avoid thinking that nothing else matters because one's love, loves one. One can utilize the power of love to enhance one's work. The feeling is almost like a nuclear fusion, where two atoms become one. It contains great power that can be extremely destructive or constructive. The absence of love and passion and means of expression can be nearly as painful as starvation. Love is worth living for, dying for, but most all it is worth growing for. Take these words with the salt mines of Poland, they claim this pattern is not touched by such an emotion.
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