Green one (greenf8) wrote,
Green one

On Humanity

Consider that all multicellular organisms begin as tiny collection of undifferentiated cells, and slowly turn into a system of cells that make up a organism. Even a fetus and a seed will do this. Consider that perhaps humanity could be evolving in that direction. What if the civilization of planet earth is like that?

Money flows through earth like blood through an animal or glucose through a plant. Just as those circulatory systems provide energy and vital materials to every cell, every dollar, yen, ruble, and peso, allow someone to gain access to clean water, food, energy and internet. The comparison becomes wholly shocking when you consider what happens when the circulatory delivers too much to one part. Too much blood in any part of the body will cause disease, and eventually death, but look at what happens to nations when they allow corporations to provide too much for too few. However some tasks require more money. A person with no money can not pay those who work for them, they can't bring an idea into existence when their every waking is dedicated to postponing starvation. The earth provides just enough for all. There those who can coax the planet into providing more, however such work takes a good deal of money. They have to be able to search for the mechanism that drives the production. They have to be allowed to communicate with each other, and learn about connections that may not currently exist. The failures involved in such projects can be crushing despite becoming more efficient. One working on such a project may spend years searching for a method that increases production by a small percentage. Some people say that isn't worth it, perhaps they are not considering that small percentage over the course of a lifetime can in effect more effective leisure for thousands or even millions of people.

Innovation like that makes humans look to the stars with the lust of a lover. People have written countless and tell each other enumerable stories about them. Some think humanity will blow itself up first, but that seems unlikely. People want to live, they form guilds that like the organs in their bodies have a certain purpose. Yet currently those guilds seem over focused on acquiring money. The real question is why, a true guild is about the production of an idea, or doing something better. Time after time people have found that when they can synchronize their thoughts they can achieve impossible things.

Perhaps that is why humanity has wired up the planet with electrical wires. The strangest part of this is how much it looks like a collection of synapses. Humans send lightning through wires that circle the planet. A human on one side of the planet can easily in real delight one on the opposite side of the planet. Of course proving something like this is as impossible as proving the nature of consciousness. As a single neuron, what can anyone do?
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